Addis Ababa Roads Authority Job Vacancy 

Addis Ababa Roads Authority Job Vacancy 

Addis Ababa Street Authority needs to enlist qualified candidates to the accompanying position.

A ring road has been built in Addis Ababa, our capital, as part of a series of renovations. The Addis Ababa City Roads Authority No. has been established by the city administration to oversee this internationally competitive ring road and other projects. 7/1990 to sort out the plan, development and organization exercises.

The Addis Ababa City Administration Roads Authority maintains their 20% coverage and provides quality, uniform roads and transportation infrastructure, facilitating community traffic flow.

Position 1: Senior Electrical Engineer

Qualification: Electrical Engineering

Position 2: Construction foreman Trainer

Qualification: Civil Engineering; Construction technology Management

Position 3: Senior Ethics Officer

Qualification: Ethics and citizenship in economics, procurement and property management, good management, management sociology, public administration, finance and accounting, political science project, management leadership.

Position 4: Case executive

Qualification: Law

ደረጃ  – 3

Position 5: Case executive

Qualification: Law

ደረጃ  – 2

Position 6: Secretary

Qualification: Secretarial Science and Office Management in Information Technology

Place of work: At the head office, at the branch offices and projects in Addis Ababa

Work Experience: For all positions, the required work experience must be directly performed and taxed.

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