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Amhara National Regenal State Water and Energy Bureau Job Vacancy

Amhara National Regenal State Water and Energy Bureau




1. Assignment Description

Under the second UWSS-PMU, the project coordinator’s job is to support and enable the Urban Water Supply & Sanitation Program’s efficient execution.

Since the Regional and City levels are primarily responsible for carrying out the Water Supply and Sanitation Programme, the second UWSS-PMU’s role is to help these lower tiers carry out their functions by providing the support they need, as well as to help facilitate and strengthen communications between the various tiers. Therefore, the project coordinator’s responsibility under the WASH programme will be to oversee PMU employees and communicate with City PMUS and City Water Utilities, giving them access to systems, information, and skills.


2. Services Requested


Organise and oversee the second UWSS project’s overall operations in accordance with the PIM.

Create the Project Management Unit’s annual work plan in consultation with the regional water bureau and all impacted towns.

Participate as a facilitator in the various workshops, training sessions, and seminars that the project management unit will host.

• Compile all town and regional reports and plans for the World Bank, federal, and regional consumption in accordance with the PIM and promptly submit them to the federal PMU.


Examine the bimonthly report that was submitted by all technical specialists, the relevant process head, and the bureau head of the regional water bureau.

Collaborate closely with all parties involved in creating the work schedule (action plan).

Lead and actively take part in the preparation of the bid documents, payment certificate, and contract agreement. Lead and present the various contract agreement documents and contract negotiations to the head of the bureau and process head of the regional water bureau.

Examine the semi-annual reports that the UWSS Project’s city water board (water utilities) submitted to the unit.

Keep in regular contact with the Regional Project Management Unit regarding any updates to the second UWSS project’s activities and information.

Monitor and double-check each technical and support staff member’s work in accordance with their ToR.

Set up a brief meeting and discussion period for all technical and support staff to address any concerns regarding the second UWSS project’s activities.

Fulfil all assignments pertaining to the second UWSS project activities as soon as the utility manager assigns them.

Apart from the aforementioned tasks, the project coordinator is responsible for other pertinent and associated assignments.


3. Necessary Skills


The project coordinator will be hired based on their experience coordinating World Bank-financed projects, specifically those related to water supply and sanitation. They will also have to demonstrate their competence in design, construction supervision, assessment, analysis, and development of public service manuals and strategies, with a strong emphasis on water supply and wastewater management. A specialist needs to have at least an MSc in hydraulic engineering, hydraulic and hydropower engineering, water resource engineering, civil engineering, irrigation engineering, and water supply and sanitation sub-sector experience, along with five years of project coordination experience.


4. Duration and Agreement Structure


In addition to overseeing other PMU employees, the project coordinator will report to the head of the Sanitation Infrastructure Directorate, who will be in charge of making sure that the implementation plans are followed. With the understanding that a one-year contract renewal will be contingent upon performance evaluation, the Consultancy will be a full-time assignment. It is anticipated that the consultant will bring a laptop. There are printing resources available.


5. Application time and address


Address: Human Resource Management Directorate Office no. 001, Amhara National Regional State Water and Energy bureau, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia; phone: +251-058-220-49

Application time frame: Beginning on the date of this announcement, candidates may submit their applications, cover letters, resumes, and testimonies during ten working days in the morning from 8:30 AM to 12:00 AM and in the afternoon from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM.

3 Pay and necessary number: Salary negotiable and one expert needed


6. Amhara Regional State Water and Energy Bureau is the workplace. National Regional State Water and Energy Bureau of Bahir Dar, Amhara


Amhara Region News Today 

This week the Amhara regional administration claimed that more than five thousand Fano soldiers had surrendered after the expiration of a seven-day ultimatum for them. Since media and activists are unable to visit the location, the allegation has not been independently confirmed.

Nonetheless, Ethiopian local media sources report on ongoing military operations across the area. There have been reports of fierce fighting in Wollo, Gondar, Gojjam, and Shoa. Major military wins are being claimed by Fano troops.

There were also allegations of a gunfight on Friday in Bahir Dar, the provincial capital. According to a news report published on DW Amharic’s Telegram channel, city dwellers reported an hour-long firefight that broke out between 1 and 2 p.m.

There have been reports of heavy fighting in the Dega Damot district’s West Gojjam zone for many days earlier this week. Drone strikes were used by government troops. Residents of the region were referenced by VoA Amharic in a story published on Thursday, which claimed life due to a drone assault that occurred on Wednesday. The exact number of assault victims is yet unknown, however.

Numerous local sources have reported that there is active fighting going on in numerous parts of the Amhara region.

As it has done ever since declaring a state of emergency in August of this year, the Ethiopian Federal government remained silent in response to the most recent violence between Fano and his soldiers.

Human rights organizations have established that hundreds of people have died in the area since the conflict began around six months ago, and the Ethiopian government is suspected of committing crimes against humanity and war crimes.


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