Car Accident in Ethiopia Today

Car Accident in Ethiopia Today



6 students seriously injured in the accident. No less than 9 were lightly injured ” – Police

The 12th grade students were seriously and lightly injured in an accident while traveling from Debre Work to Debre Markos University.

The accident happened today, July 23/2015, at 4:30 in the morning, on a river in the “Ziba” area of Kebele’s special place, around Amber, in East Gojam Zone, Aned District.

“Abadula minibus Code 3-AMA 14062” which was traveling from Debre Work city to Debre Markos, got into the river and got serious and minor injuries.

According to the police, six people were seriously injured and sent to Debre Markos Referral Hospital.

No less than nine others suffered minor injuries and were informed by Amber Health Center and went to the examination site.

Regarding the accident, the police of the Aned district have informed that the accident investigation police have arrived at the scene and are investigating the cause of the accident.

The information: It is obtained from the police of one district.



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