Ethiopian Job Vacancy 2023 This Week

Ethiopian Job Vacancy 2023 This Week



With assistance from the international nonprofit organisations Smile Train and Kids Operating Room (KidsOR), the All Africa Leprosy and Rehabilitation Training Centre (ALERT) Hospital has inaugurated a special children’s operating room.

Sesnie Zemichael, Senior Programme Manager for Smile Train in East Africa, underlined the importance of giving children’s surgical treatment first priority and praised the long-standing collaboration with ALERT in delivering prompt surgical care for cleft children.

“In Ethiopia, there are still many of kids who require high-quality surgical treatment. We are pleased to have contributed to the renovation of the theatre at ALERT, one of our most enduring centres for cleft treatment, and KidsOR breathed new life into the theatres with their immaculate furnishings and vivid artwork. Both patients and medical professionals find it to be such a nice experience, said Sesnie.

Rosemary Mugwe, the director for Africa at KidsOR, acknowledged the anticipated benefits of having a theatre just for kids: “Research forecasts that by 2050, Ethiopia will have 58 million children under the age of 18. No of one’s social standing or financial situation, every kid has a right to high-quality, on-time surgery. A lot depends on this operating room. In order to reduce the social and economic burden on carers and the nation as a whole, children should have access to surgical treatment when they need it.

According to research, surgery can address around 30 percent of the world’s illness load. In low-income nations, there are typically 0.03 paediatric surgeons for every 100,000 children, but in high-income nations, there is one specialised paediatric surgeon for every 47,000 children.

Dr. Ishmael Shemsedin, chief executive officer of ALERT Hospital, praised the collaboration that resulted to the theater’s renovation and described it as a therapeutic area for kids who require surgery.

According to Dr. Ishmael, “This paediatric theatre renovated by Smile Train and KidsOR has raised the level of surgical treatment we will deliver to our children, giving recovery in a setting that makes them feel comfortable and at ease thanks to the artwork and high-quality technology.

Over the course of the next five years, more than 30 paediatric operating rooms will be offered across Africa as a consequence of the long-term partnership between KidsOR and Smile Train, which will treat more than 12,000 children. Since establishing the cooperation in 2021, 14 paediatric hospitals have been established. Additionally, in collaboration with the West African College of Surgeons (WACS) and the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA), the Smile Train-KidsOR partnership is also funding a paediatric surgery scholarship for the training and education of 40 paediatric surgeons throughout Africa.


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