Ethiopian Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

Ethiopian Reporter Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

Ethiopian Reporter Job

Operation Manager is the position being advertised for. The hiring authority is Samek Engineering. The organisation type is private. The employment status is full-time.
The closing date for applications is August 4, 2023, and the application process is offline. For additional details, call 0116-66-00-00.


How to apply 

Interested candidates can apply along with updated resume within 5 days in the address below. Gurd Shola Century Mall, 2nd floor Office  243,244,245 Or you can email it to

Telephone 0116-66-00-00

In collaboration with the Ethiopian government, the nonprofit organisation Bridges to Prosperity (B2P), which aims to increase rural communities access to essential services by constructing footbridges, is constructing 150 trail bridges and more than 230 miles of feeder trails. The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust has given the programme a $10 million, three-year grant.

More than 1 million people are expected to utilise these bridges, according to the organisations, who estimate that roughly 80% of Ethiopia’s population lives in rural regions. People who live in such remote areas often have to traverse rivers or gorges as well as the challenging terrain on foot, bicycles, or motorbikes. By bringing together resources, talent, and local road authorities, B2P and Helvetas also want to support the development of Ethiopia’s construction ecosystem.

In a statement, Nivi Sharma, CEO of B2P, stated that in order to bring about the kind of change that local communities want, a coordinated strategy including both local stakeholders and national leaders is required. To link rural areas to essential services, B2P predicts that thousands of bridges and millions of kilometres of improved trails are required across Ethiopia.

Sharma said that tackling the issue of rural isolation in Ethiopia will provide a case study of effective, long-lasting partnership and spur the inclusion of rural transport access programmes in global development initiatives.

In order to increase access to crucial services in Latin America and Africa, B2P has constructed pedestrian bridges, as ENR has reported. According to Alissa Davis, director of business development at B2P, the Helmsley trust has a history of funding initiatives aimed at assisting disadvantaged children in sub-Saharan Africa. As a result, it contacted B2P to learn more about how trail bridges might complement their other efforts to strengthen community resilience and promote the overall wellbeing of children in Ethiopia.

“Infrastructure-based projects like these have the power to holistically address so many challenges faced by rural families, ultimately leading to higher participation in the regional labour market and an overall increase in school attendance and use of health services,” Walter Panzirer, a trustee of the Helmsley trust, said in a statement.

Helvetas, an experienced builder, has experience with comparable bridge construction jobs. It aided in the construction of 5,000 basic suspension footbridges in Nepal. It has collaborated with the government to assist in the construction of 100 bridges in Ethiopia.

According to Davis, Helvetas and B2P have a longstanding partnership that is focused on exchanging design breakthroughs. And B2P advised working together on this initiative given that Helvetas is already fostering relationships with the government and doing so in Ethiopia.

“It really is a partnership across all levels,” Davis asserts. “The function that B2P is playing is upon determining the need before determining the effect once the bridges are constructed. The responsibility for carrying out and delivering the renovations to the bridges and trails will fall to Helvetas.

At a meeting later this month, specifics like the locations to be prioritised first and inquiries about supply chain operations will be decided. A violent war between the government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front is also going on in Ethiopia. Helvetas has a safety programme in place, according to Davis, and its close collaboration with local governments and communities has allowed it develop trust and be forewarned early if there would be a safety risk in a location where they are operating. They will have the freedom to shift crews to an area without safety issues if necessary since the programme will entail projects in many different regions.

The success of these communities depends on connection, according to Jan Vloet, the national director for Helvetas in Ethiopia. They already shown the effect transit access can have with the bridges they constructed there in the past.

According to Vloet, having year-round access to markets and essential services leads to benefits that last for generations.



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