Ethiopian University Exit Exam

Ethiopian University Exit Exam




There is very little chance that the test will be outside of the blueprint” – Ministry of Education

How did the Ministry of Education respond to the complaints on the exit exam?

Those who took the exit exam:

– Mechanical engineering

– Accounting and finance

– Enrollment Technology … It is recalled that students complained about the exit exam.


In particular; that the students’ exams are off the blueprint; They stated that the prepared test is not suitable for a degree student at their level, (Accounting and Finance students) the prepared test and the allotted time are not equivalent.

How did the Ministry of Education respond to the complaints?

Dr. Samuel Kfle (Minister of State) told Fana TV:

“We received a request from students: Yes!

Some of the complaints and questions were raised because we are still testing; The technology we used to see the average recorded of their test programs every day; To see the average passing student, we used to get the data of only two or three passing students. We know that complaints should be kept in moderation. In terms of complaints, we received it every day.

The second test is difficult; To make it easier, let me explain how the test came out.

A measure of what knowledge, skills and attitudes a student of agriculture or accounting should acquire during the 4 / 5 year period of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting has been prepared / for all 215 undergraduates /.

A blueprint has been developed for how tese competencies will be measured.

Following the blueprint, a test is prepared. Another body reviews the prepared exam.


Extracting the units of competency, extracting the blueprint, preparing the exam based on that.


It is through this process that the Ministry of Education has no role to make the exam easier or harder. The role requires 5, 6, 7 tests for each program. It uses one of the prepared tests for the model test and its equivalent for the main test. The test is unlikely to be outside of the blueprint.


For each program (215), there are at least two test takers. There is at least one teacher who reviewed the exam and gave us the answer to this hundred questions. We know them by name, phone number, college, university name.


It is unlikely that a challenge will come without a blueprint. That can only happen if there is a body that leaves the blueprint and prepares the test. It is not a machine that takes over the exam, it is a person; The person who has the blueprint, there are our experts, there are our officials, they will take over the test after further discussion that it is prepared according to the blueprint.


There are also evaluators, at least each test has one evaluator; When we tested 215 programs, there were about 430 teachers from the university who prepared the test, and 215 evaluators. I’m not saying it’s 0, because the chance of it being outside of the blueprint is very, very small.


Another ratio of easy question, medium question and difficult question is placed on the blueprint. The evaluator will check that it is based on this; A teacher named Egele not only prepares an exam, but also evaluates that the exam has been prepared according to the blueprint of easy, medium and difficult questions.


There were programs that arose from this point of view, there are programs that we have seen back. We are not the ones we saw back. We called the teachers and sat down:


– Is there a correction problem? Is the system wrong? When we see that it is 0 for all programs, we get no chance.

– Is it prepared according to the blueprint? Yes!

– Is it a question that came from? Did he really have a choice? Here some questions were argued by the evaluator that the answer should have been this, but it was corrected. It can change the outcome to an insignificant degree.

There is less chance that test rigging and easing will be outside of the blueprint; I’m not saying no. We have seen complaints filed.

In some programs where I myself was present, we met the teachers and raised the complaint to them,

  • what could this be?
  • What could be the hypothesis?
  • Did the system not fix it properly?
  • Has the question not been answered correctly?
  • Is the question prepared in terms of a blueprint?

After looking at it in detail, all the programs took half a day to complete.

The Ministry of Education believes that the test prepared by the teachers is appropriate and does not accept the professional’s work as appropriate, so we went that way. ”



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