Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Job Vacancy 2023

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Job Vacancy 2023

Job Vacancy Summary

  • Hiring Authority: Efedri Presedant Ethiopia
  • Organization Type: Government
  • Employment Type: Full time
  • Position: Public Relations & Communication Specialist, Information Communication Technologist and More
  • Total Vacancy: 03
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field.
  • Closing Date: June 23, 2023
  • Application Process: Offline
  • For more information: 011-523-70-00


Tel.: +251 111 400 740

Fax: +251 111 226 292

P.O.Box: 1031 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Email: info@pmo.gov.et

Administration of the Government Popularity based Republic of Ethiopia

The Constitution of the Government Popularity based Republic of Ethiopia lays out a bureaucratic parliamentary republic. The Bureaucratic Republic includes the National Government, the 9 independent Territorial States and two city organizations. Both the bureaucratic and local states are coordinated into three parts of government – administrative, chief, and legal.

The Government administrative organ is two houses: the Place of Individuals’ Agents (HPR) and the Place of Alliance (HoF). The most noteworthy regulative authority is vested in the HPR whose individuals are chosen by a majority of votes cast in everyday races like clockwork. The State Chamber is the most noteworthy organ of the state regulative power.

The most elevated government chief power rests with the State head and the Committee of Clergymen. The Top state leader is the seat of the Chamber and the President of the Public Military. The President, then again, is the Head of State.

The Government High Court holds the most elevated legal power of the free legal executive. The Court’s Leader and VP are selected by the Head of the state for arrangement by the Place of Individuals’ Agents.

Abiy Ahmed Ali (PhD)

H.E. Abiy Ahmed Ali (PhD) is the fourth Head of the state of the Government Popularity based Republic of Ethiopia. He was brought into the world on August 15, 1976 in the modest community of Beshasha, situated close to Agaro, Oromia. Raised by a Muslim dad and a Christian mother, the upsides of resilience and understanding across partitions were imparted in him at an early age.

H.E. Abiy Ahmed was confirmed as the Head of the state of the Government Popularity based Republic of Ethiopia on April 2, 2018. Acquiring a partitioned society, in the entirety of his talks and activities Head of the state Abiy Ahmed has made public solidarity, tranquil concurrence, shared development and local reconciliation a focal topic of his organization. His debut discourse roused trust and restored aggregate feeling of direction in Ethiopia.

He has rich and boundless encounters serving government in various jobs, offering an extraordinary mix of initiative, vision and information in expert and association abilities. Still up in the air to oppose the persecution of the Ethiopian public, as a young fellow, H.E. Abiy Ahmed originally joined the outfitted battle against the Dergue Communist system. While serving at the Ethiopian Public Protection Power, he rose to the position of Lieutenant Colonel. Among his different jobs in government, he has filled in as the Top of the OPDO Secretariat; VP of the Oromia Provincial Government; Priest, Service of Science and Innovation; establishing Overseer of the Data Organization Security Organization and organizer and Top of the public authority research foundation, Science and Innovation Data Center.

Since being sworn into office as State leader, he broke with custom – sending off further political and monetary changes that cleared the nation over. A unique change specialist and an unpolished reformer, breaking the walls of division and building scaffolds of compromise and harmony comprised the characterizing subjects of his change endeavors. Under his authority, a great many detainees were delivered; open conversations and conferences held with resistance ideological groups – some of whom were recently named as “psychological militants”; a noteworthy rapprochement and nonaggression treaty was finished up with adjoining Eritrea; a groundbreaking plan for legitimate and equity area change has been gotten rolling; and probably the biggest public endeavors are to be to some degree privatized as a component of a more extensive market progression and monetary change plan.

State head Abiy Ahmed holds a Mama in Groundbreaking Administration, an Expert’s Good to go Organization and a PhD from the Foundation for Harmony and Security Investigations of Addis Ababa College. He and his better half — First Woman Zinash Tayachew- – are glad guardians of three girls and an as of late embraced child.

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