Grade 8 Ministry Exam Result in Ethiopia 2015

Grade 8 Ministry Exam Result in Ethiopia 2015

Grade 8 Ministry Exam Result 2015



Students can check their results by logging in at ” – Addis Ababa Education Bureau
The Addis Ababa City Administration Education Office announced today that the results of the 2015 8th grade city-wide exam have been announced.
It is stated that regular students who score 50% and above will be transferred to the ninth grade, while the passing score for students with different physical disabilities is 45%.
In Addis Ababa city administration, 73,385 students took the exam this year and 70.6% of them scored 50 percent or more and passed. Out of 61,840 full-time students, 50,812 ie 82.16% passed and moved on to the next level of education. It is said that students can check their results at by entering registration number and first name.


Because education is the foundation of all development, the government believes that education will play an important role in development, democracy, and good governance, and encouraging results have been recorded by formulating a new education and training policy.

The city administration of Addis Ababa is planning and implementing multifarious actions to bring about dramatic changes to address the city’s political, economic, and social concerns. Special emphasis has been placed on the importance of education in the quest to ensure justice, democracy, and good government to improve our people’s backward lifestyles.

Doctor Forever Fullness Addis Ababa city administration Head of Education Office

Education is widely recognized as a critical tool for fostering democracy, encouraging good governance, and advancing sustainable development.

Education can only fulfill this role effectively if its quality is maintained and competent citizens ens can be produced. In this context, education and training policies have been developed and executed to provide equitable education to all individuals in our country. The education and training policy is founded on the country’s objective of eradicating poverty and becoming a developed country. In terms of this broad framework, large-scale projects undertaken in our city in recent years have yielded good outcomes in terms of improving educational participation and equity in our community.

Our city has witnessed significant progress in terms of educational accessibility and equity, but it is believed that much more work remains to be done in terms of quality. A complete education quality assurance program was devised and executed as a result of this. Since the package’s implementation, education leaders have received training to improve their leadership skills, teachers have received pre-service and on-the-job training to enable them to provide quality education, work has been done to ensure that the curriculum can meet the profile expected from the education level, and civics and ethics education should be included in the curriculum. It is not possible to say that the recorded results are sufficient in light of the overall results, the change tools, i.e. BPR and BSC based on research, and the creation of new educational organizations and procedures to bring about institutional change and experience exchange.

As a result, promising changes are beginning to emerge that indicate the emergence of a generation capable of realizing a national renaissance, and the responsibility for maintaining this is shared by all education stakeholders, including education leadership at all levels, teachers, students, parents, private investors, and non-governmental organizations. According to this, the Addis Ababa City Administration Education Office worked tirelessly to solve the city’s complex education system problem by constructing several schools, training teachers, and supplementing educational resources to fulfill the responsibilities expected of the education sector. By executing the verification package, the city’s society may receive a quality education while also contributing to the city’s development through rapid and ongoing economic growth.

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