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Ethiojobs – Ethiopian Job Vacancy 2024

Greetings, esteemed visitors Greetings from the Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) website. The ECA is a regulating body for communications services that was founded on August 12, 2019, by the Communications Service Proclamation No. 1148/2019. It gives me great pleasure and pride to serve as the first Director General of the recently founded ECA at this momentous time in our nation’s history—the opening of the telecoms market. Our people’s lives will be transformed by this process, therefore we want to create an effective regulatory framework that benefits end users and draws in creative and aggressive businesses to the telecommunications industry.






The Ethiopian Communications Authority considers it very necessary to be reachable in real time by all interested parties, since it is a Regulatory Authority tasked with spearheading efforts to steer the operations of the communications sector in Ethiopia.


This website seeks to give relevant and current information on the mission and activities of the ECA, news about the telecommunications industry, stakeholder consultations regarding new regulatory directives, and publications of enforced directives to all stakeholders, including consumers, telecommunications operators, and interested third parties.


I recommend exploring the website to get further knowledge about ECA. In order to ensure fair competition among all communications service providers, promote accessibility, safeguard consumer interests, and maintain high-quality communications services at reasonable costs, I hope you will find our website helpful in learning more about ECA, our work, and our impact in Ethiopia. On behalf of the ECA and myself, let me express our gratitude for you visiting our website.





Work Objective

This position’s duties include helping to plan, organize, and coordinate the chapter office’s activities; gathering, compiling, and summarizing chapter office requests; producing reports to the immediate supervisor; ensuring that the relevant units deploy all necessary equipment, supplies, and personnel; taking part in the creation and modification of chapter office work flows, guidelines, and templates; coordinating and supporting chapter offices to actively engage in member recruitment, member profile maintenance, and Association engagements; and producing periodic reports.

Obligations and liabilities

  • help with the organizing, arranging, and coordinating of the chapter affairs role;
  • assembles, compiles, and synthesizes chapter office requests to generate reports for the direct supervisor.
  • Ensures that the relevant units allocate all necessary material, financial, and human resources to the chapter offices.
  • Takes part in the creation/revision of office work processes, policies, and forms for chapters.
  • Organizes and aids chapter offices in their active participation in the Association’s activities, including member profile upkeep and recruitment.
  • monitors the achievement of Chapters office goals, keeps tabs on resource usage, and documents activities.
  • Engage in capacity-building initiatives offered by chapters to improve their ability to operate.
  • helps to keep good working connections with stakeholders and the top office.
  • Assists chapters in keeping positive relationships with funders, foundations, universities, professional associations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and other bilateral and international organizations.
  • makes certain that chapters actively participate in all conferences, meetings, research, project management tasks, and activities related to professional development and training.
  • monitors and keeps track of whether chapters are operating in accordance with the Association’s standard operating guidelines.
  • Help ensure that the executive board’s and general assembly’s rules and regulations are correctly carried out at the chapter level.
  • visits chapters and assesses their performance and general activities with the goal of enhancing their operational competence.
  • helps Chapters choose members from suitable institutions.
  • Generate reports on a regular basis.
  • carries out additional relevant tasks that the supervisor assigns.

Job Description

MSC, MPH, MBA, MA, and similar degrees in public health, management, public administration, and economics with two years of relevant experience OR

Four years of relevant experience and a BSC or BA in public health, management, public administration, or economics are required.

How to Apply

Applicants who meet the qualifications mentioned above may personally deliver their application, updated resume, and credentials to the EPHA Office at the Oilbya gas station in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, located near Kebena on the route to Arat Kilo.

Women are encouraged to apply for the position by EPHA. Application deadline: July 5, 2024


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