Latest Ethiopian News in Amharic 2023

Latest Ethiopian News in Amharic 2023

Latest Ethiopian News in Amharic 2023

Occupants (65 families) of Gulele sub-city region 3 Afncho Ber region who were uprooted because of the riverside project in Addis Ababa city communicated their extraordinary objection that they are confronting something else from everything we had been said for a really long time.

The inhabitants submitted this question on the Sheger radio broadcast.

What do the inhabitants say?

They make sense of that after they were informed that they would be raised for improvement subsequent to residing there for quite some time (they were informed four or a long time back), they were told to pick a condo that doesn’t have an administration house.

As indicated by the quantity of families the inhabitants have, they pick a three-room house; When they were informed that there was a new lottery, when they left, they said that we have a studio room since we have a deficiency of houses.

For what reason do you say we are not full? At the point when they got some information about the family number, they were informed that we don’t have a house.

The occupants, who don’t protest the improvement of their home, communicated that they are exceptionally frustrated to be informed that it is a studio in the wake of having three rooms and that the house won’t be ideally suited for the quantity of families they have.

An occupant; “Where should this individuals go? A nation implies a group. I don’t have the foggiest idea what void land can be. At the point when they say go, 26-30 square meters implies there are individuals with 6 or 7 families, there are individuals who are wiped out, there are needy individuals, a general public that is accustomed to residing by paying 4 or 5 birr for a house. There are understudies who couldn’t actually manage the cost of it, their work is here and their home is here, and additionally, 6 or 7 families are captured, how might it be censured? We have no issue with the destruction of the house.

The occupants went to Banbis Lodging Office seven days prior and picked a three-room house when the house was done. At the point when they returned seven days after the fact, they were informed that it was exclusively for drawing parts, however presently it is just a studio.

The inhabitants likewise brought up that they will be given a studio house rather at the Bole Bulbula site.

What do government bodies say?

Head of Lodging The executives Office of Gulele Sub-region, Enna Haile:

“Right now, we are encountering a deficiency of houses, and in like manner we have educated us regarding the accessible stocks. We have informed the people who have educated us regarding the ones that are as studios. For the purchasers, the studio doesn’t fit us, it isn’t enough as far as we’re concerned regarding the size of our loved ones. In the event that there is an inquiry regarding the square, it will be more straightforward for them to change their decisions and find a substitution Kebele house.”

At the point when we were told by the occupants toward the starting that there is no kebele house, they have removed the entire condo. For the inquiry posed:

“The homes in stock are presently advertised. Purchasers who wish to practice this choice on the offered homes will make a move to take the choice on the offered homes all things considered.”

Next time the kebele house is being looked for, it is being supplanted. There is a deficiency of kebele houses and the city organization should pick various choices. At the point when it is carried out on time, they are profiting from the open door that is being ready, since it isn’t yet a completed matter; It is in the works. ”

General Overseer of Addis Ababa Lodging Improvement Company Mr. Shimelis Tamrat:

“There are numerous redevelopment drives. The studios that were picked and chosen are the ones remaining toward the end. We need to say this. They can gripe at various levels, yet we have come clean that this is what we have.”

Assuming this is the case, what’s the issue? We don’t maintain that they should come, for what reason do they grumble? Accomplishing something is their right. It isn’t just in one region/city, there is birth, there is Kirkos, there are different undertakings, this is a riverside project, there is a great deal to come. One is a condo; Townhouses will be given to them due to the ascent of the public authority.

We don’t have the foggiest idea, the venture is pressing, perhaps in the event that there are the people who disagree, we will accomplish crafted by moving. They ought to figure out the ongoing circumstance.

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