National Lottery Ethiopia 2023 Winning Numbers Today

  1. National Lottery Ethiopia 2023 Winning Numbers Today

National Lottery Ethiopia 2023 Winning Numbers Today

01 17/ 2016 Regular Lottery

About National Lottery Ethiopia

As a consequence of the tremendous expansion, the lottery administration is forced to implement new regulations to control the business. Despite the fact that certain well-known sports betting businesses have strengthened their market presence in Ethiopia. Some investors and entrepreneurs who were interested in the growing business have also lost interest as a result of the market. All betting organisations have been forced to suspend operations while the Bahir Dar City Administration is in place. It is the outcome of the country’s northern regions’ tough security situation, and it is one of a series of actions implemented by the Administration’s Security Council to combat what regional authorities refer to as “security threats.”

Several betting organisations have been compelled to shut 50 outlets in the city, which also acts as the regional government’s capital. The Council has also ordered the closing of billiard rooms as part of the gaming drive. The closure of betting enterprises follows the National Lottery Administration’s acceptance of a new rule imposing harsher standards on the betting sector as a consequence of an increase in underage betting. To continue functioning, they must deposit 1.5 million Br in bank guarantees, and they are no longer able to pay out more than one million Birr to winners. The charge for getting a permission has also been raised to 500,000 Birr from 400 Br earlier, while renewal would cost betting enterprises 100,000 Br every year. In addition, the legal gambling age has been increased to 21 years old.

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