NGO Driver Job Vacancy In Ethiopia 2023

NGO Driver Job Vacancy In Ethiopia 2023
Job Summary:
• Provide a comprehensive transport service that businesses can utilize to guarantee a fleet that is safe and dependable and aids in meeting legal and customer requirements. Follow safety guidelines, complete assigned tasks, and attend to service requests. Create a monthly report on vehicle usage and submit it on time. As requested, offer administrative support to the unit and other departments/divisions.
• Carry out small mechanical maintenance or repairs: Maintain vehicles by the predetermined schedule for preventive maintenance. Replace and rotate tires, oil, and filters, grease car components, check and swap out lightbulbs and Refill all fluid reservoirs.
• Regularly check the performance of the vehicle, promptly submit maintenance requests or advice, and follow up on accomplishments In compliance with FM policy, keep accurate and up-to-date records of preventive maintenance.
• Conduct routine car inspections; assess the state of the vehicle’s systems, equipment, accessories, and lighting; report any mechanical issues to the supervisor so that the vehicle can be repaired or replaced with new parts; and maintain vehicle accessories in good count, with the logo undamaged and equipment and safety kits in working order.
• Always keep your cars fueled, clean, and in good working order.
• Regularly maintain logbooks and fuel consumption records; exercise caution when storing original keys and tools; keep reserve tires and rims; and communicate formally when necessary.

Job prerequisites
necessary as a prerequisite for this position.
Needs to finish secondary education must possess four years of relevant work experience.
To perform this job, the following licenses, registrations, or certifications are necessary:
third-class driver’s license.
Accepted Type of Applicant: Only Local Applicants#

USD paid in Ethiopian Birr on prevailing monthly exchange rate as per the National Bank of Ethiopia on the 20th of the month

How to Apply

Prospective candidates may apply by clicking on the following link:

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