Addis Ababa City Administration Condominium Houses Winners List PDF 2023

Addis Ababa City Administration Condominium Houses Winners List PDF 2023

Addis Ababa City Administration Condominium Houses Winners List PDF 2023






On Monday, the Addis Ababa City Administration said that this week’s distribution of condo units had several irregularities.

In the most recent round, 25,491 condominium units were given away by lottery drawing. Residents had to register for the draw and have saved the necessary funds for the unit purchase in order to be eligible to enter.

The city stated in a statement released on Monday that it had gone to great lengths to guarantee an equitable and cost-free distribution of the condo units.


It claimed to have gone so far as to use digital technology through app creation, and the Addis Ababa City Innovation and Technology Office had examined it.


The Ministry of Science and Technology was entrusted with confirming the legitimacy of the software programme that the Addis Ababa Science and Technology office had developed.  The city asserted that the developers’ professional integrity was observed.


According to the statement, “it was also presented to observers to witness authenticity and professionals [unspecified how the professionals were selected].”


In spite of this, the city claimed that there were allegations regarding allegedly dishonest practises regarding the process following the lottery draw for the allocation of condo units.


A mismatch in data between the data uploaded to the computers and the data given by the banks—which seemingly indicated who has been saving for the condo units, which was a prerequisite to participate in the lottery draw—was discovered during the process audit.


“Therefore, additional irregularities were also observed and the audit thus far has established that individuals who did not save were in the lottery draw,” the local administration stated.


The city added that executives and professionals who are thought to be responsible for the seemingly fake irregularity are being held.


Additionally, it stated that “neutral relevant organisations” are a part of the ongoing probe.


Those who signed up for it were instructed to wait until the city released the investigation’s conclusions. And it’s anticipated to occur shortly.


In the past, there have been concerns raised over the city’s illicit and dishonest condo transfer procedure. And it’s something that a lot of people have examined in light of the development of ethnic politics and the party of radical ethnic politicians in power’s will to change Addis Ababa’s demographics.


A court had at one time halted the city’s distribution of condo units.


Adanech Abiebie was designed to operate “differently” and provide for all Addis Abeba citizens.

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