Ethiopian Graduate Admission Test (GET) Result 2016 /2023

Ethiopian Graduate Admission Test (GET) Result 2016 /2023

The Ethiopian Graduate Admission Test (GET)result has been declared. Applicants who have taken the exam can check their results by entering the following link and entering their application numbers.

What is the Ethiopian Graduate Admission Test (GET)?

Verbal Reasoning (60 questions), Quantitative Reasoning (40 questions), and Analytical Reasoning (25 questions) make up the three parts of the Graduate Admission Test (GAT). You will have to dedicate three hours to complete the real examinations, each of which lasts an hour.  Only the Verbal Reasoning Section will be completed by visually impaired students. You must complete a quick survey before the test begins.  If you don’t finish the survey, the system won’t allow you to take the test.

You may go back or forth on the Verbal Reasoning subtest to make corrections to previous answers. The Verbal Reasoning Section will be unavailable to you once the allotted 60 minutes have passed.  Instead, the system will take you immediately to the second subtest on quantitative reasoning. You will have to complete this task in 60 minutes, after which your time will run out and you won’t be able to access this portion.  The third hour-long lesson on Analytical Reasoning follows the same premise.  Upon completion of the three-hour exam, you will get an instant notification with your raw results.  To find out the cut-off score and the percentage of test takers who pass, you must wait for around a week after the exam is finished by everyone.  The AAU website will provide the cutoff score for passing the GAT.

It should be noted that there are other requirements than GAT scores for graduate program entrance. For departmental-level exams, a minimum GAT score requirement must be met.  Therefore, each applicant must take the department-level examination after passing the GAT.

Concerning pupils with impairments

Students with impairments might ask for accessible test rooms and/or assistive technology like JAWS.  Kindly submit your request to OR via email.

The obligations of those who take the GAT

·        To complete the Quantitative Section of the test, you may bring your calculator with you. Nevertheless, you are not permitted to bring a calculator with the ability to transmit or receive information or copy data.


·        You must provide a legitimate form of identity, such as a passport, employment ID card, driving license, or Kebele/Woreda ID card. If a candidate does not have a valid identity document and a bank receipt proving they paid the 600 birr required to take the GAT, they will not be allowed into the testing room. Facial covering is prohibited, except face masks. When the test supervisor is checking, the test taker should remove any face masks or other coverings.


·        At each testing location, you must provide your ID card to the gatekeeping security personnel. As you need your identity document to be admitted to the exam venue, kindly do not leave it at the entrance.


·        Remembering your password is crucial for logging in, so keep track of it. Never divulge your password to any parties.


·        Applicants who have been booked for an early morning testing session must report to their designated testing location by 8:00 a.m., while those who have been scheduled for an afternoon testing session must report at 1:00 p.m. Test takers will not be permitted entry into the testing venue if they arrive more than thirty minutes late.


·        You must enter the testing hall right away after clearing the checkpoint at the test site’s entrance. Directions to the examination hall and the designated testing room will be given to you.


·        It is crucial that you adhere to the guidelines provided by your test center’s supervisor and invigilators.


·        Candidates must carry pocket-sized hand sanitizer and wear face masks.


·        There will be severe legal repercussions for any effort to share answers with others, cheat on the exam, or duplicate the test materials in any way.


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