Addis Ababa Roads Authority New Job Vacancy 2024

Addis Ababa Roads Authority New Job Vacancy 2024

Our obligations The obligations and liabilities of AACRA

  • Establish laws and policies about the construction, maintenance, use, and network of roads.
  • Establish design guidelines for the road and follow them.
  • Create long-, medium–, and short-term plans and programs for building roads and other related projects, and then carry them out after receiving approval.
  • Conduct or oversee the completion of a feasibility study and put it into action.
  • Create the design for a road’s construction, or have a qualified consultant do so.
  • build roads independently or by hiring contractors to do so
  • Establish the selection criteria for consultants and contractors for roads that other bodies will build.
  • Create and oversee the creation of work consultancy service contracts, finalize agreements, and ensure that there is an oversight (a contractor and guaranteeing that works are performed following contracts, conclude and supervise same)
  • Create or oversee the creation of traffic signs related to roads, gather data from relevant government agencies, erect traffic signs on roads, and notify relevant offices so they can take appropriate action and follow up.
  •  Place and maintain signage indicating the orientation of squares and roads.
  •  Initiate the placement and maintenance of traffic signs on streets and squares
  •  Initiate the construction of roads and street lights for protection.
  •  Establish the dimensions of the land needed for pedestrian roads and the requirements for their construction. It is also responsible for building, instigating the building of, and safeguarding pedestrian sidewalks.
  •  Make sure the people who need to have authority are trained and set up training facilities.
  • Produce and use the materials required for building roads, as well as selling them when needed.

Addis Ababa Roads Authority News 

One of the traffic diversion bridge building projects on the inner ring road is the Imperial Traffic Overpass Bridge, where asphalt overlay work is now being done.

As of right now, the approach roads leading up to the drawbridge are being finished with asphalt, and the project’s overall physical performance is 88.7 percent. Even though the city’s road construction and maintenance operations were hampered by the extended wet season that lasted from the autumn of last year until the end of the winter season, it should be noted that the pedestrian bridge’s construction was finished and the road was open for traffic prior to the main winter season.

The remaining portions of the project, including installing street lights and finishing the sidewalk, will be worked on over the next few days. The project’s asphalt paving will be finished. A budget of more than 714.8 million Birr has been set up for the building of the Imperial Traffic Overpass Bridge, which is 40 meters wide and 1.8 km long, including approach roads. Stadia and G&Y Engineering are working together to oversee the consulting and supervision work, while China First Highway Engineering is carrying out the construction of the project.

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