Ministry of Labor and Skills Ethiopia

Ministry of Labor and Skills Ethiopia

The Ministry of Labor and Skills has indicated that it has been done online to prevent unlawful activities in government positions in other nations.

The government declared that the effort to prevent illegality by making the job free from human contact with the use of technology is showing results.

Abebe Alemu, Executive Director of Communications at the Ministry, told ABC Cyber that one of the divisions that experienced major operational improvements in the Ministry in the past six months is the employment sector of foreign nations.

The official also pointed out that a work department has been formed to look for the worldwide job market to take advantage of alternative career chances at the international level.

Abebe added that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and the United Emirates are among the nations that have signed an agreement to give work.

He further noted that in recent years, agreements have been established with the governments of Kuwait, Bahrain, Germany, and other nations so that individuals may participate in different professions and assist the country beyond themselves.

He stated that via the built online system, a person who wishes to work lawfully in the countries where the agreement has been made would be safeguarded from any unlawful behavior since the complete information is recorded and validated by the employment liaison agencies.

The CEO noted that this largely contains fingerprints, hand and facial prints of individuals, and other information maintained in the database. He claimed that the employment would be linked online with the job liaison offices of the destination countries and the Ethiopian embassies in each country, therefore it would be feasible to handle the difficulties that emerge effectively.

The CEO claimed that they have sent more than 10,000 persons to other nations who have been partly and completely educated in various vocations. He claimed that excellent outcomes have been noticed in the process thus far.

Mr. Abebe argues that travel to destination nations for work takes place in three ways; As in the past, they emphasized the presence of foreign employment liaison agencies, private employment as well and government employment overseas.

According to the plan stated by the minister, the people who wish to work in other nations will be compelled to go through the training and occupational certification system.

It is also worth recalling that the government is in the process of hiring 100,000 skilled Americans in other nations.

Jobs Opportunity for Ethiopians

It is known that the Minister of Labor and Skills is carrying out substantial reform works, dreaming of technology to help residents profit from employment in the nation and abroad.


Accordingly, in the short months that we have spent in the Ethiopian labor market information system, which is being implemented by the minister’s office, more than half a million persons have registered to take advantage of work prospects in the nation and overseas.

As a consequence, more than 190,000 trained and semi-trained individuals have been dispatched to other nations.

In the future, job searchers interested in working in the nation will be arranged in the region where they reside, according to their degree of knowledge, talents, and contributions, individually and as a group.

You will get an SMS message on the phone you provided when you registered on the system to take advantage of the employment chance, and our minister’s office will contact you to take advantage of the opportunity by inputting your information accurately at this address.



“Diligent and humble leadership is needed to build an institution that benefits the people and the country” The heads of the responding institutions as well as the Ministry of Labour and Skills received training on effective leadership, according to Honourable Ms. Mufarihat Kamil, Minister of Labour and Skills. Trainers with extensive backgrounds in successful American leadership delivered the course. During the training forum, Honourable Mrs Muferihat Kamil, the Minister of Jobs and Skills, said that building an institution that would serve the people and the country requires hard effort and modest leadership. In response, he added, leadership at all levels is required since the Ministry of Labour and Skills is an institution that not only offers services but also educates those who do so.

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