Embassy Job Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024

Embassy Job Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024

Concerning the Lutheran World Federation (LWF)

We are a worldwide communion of Lutheran churches, cooperating to create a world that is fair, harmonious, and at peace. The Lutheran World Federation’s humanitarian and development branch is called LWF World Service. We are a well-known, global, religious organization with operations in more than 20 nations. We want to unite individuals from all walks of life in the pursuit of justice, peace, and healing in a world becoming more complicated and divided by the day.

Ethiopia’s Lutheran World Federation (LWF)

World Service LWF Ethiopia is a recognized international nonprofit organization that has been carrying out development and humanitarian initiatives across Ethiopia since 1973.

The Ethiopian government, UN agencies, the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY), and other financing partners are all important collaborators of LWF World Service Ethiopia. Building capacity, disaster preparation, response, and restoration, sustainable natural resource management, and the development of food security and sustainable livelihood are some of its theme areas.

Our work, acts, and activities are guided by a dedication to the human rights of every person, regardless of their standing. We are especially well-known for our prompt, considerate, and expert humanitarian work, as well as for our field presence in challenging to reach places. We focus on individuals and the community in everything that we do. Above all, we assist those who are most in need, and we take proactive measures to interact with local authorities and community organisations in order to assert and defend their rights.

LWF’s dedication to safeguarding

All types of power abuse, sexual exploitation, fraud and corruption, physical and psychological abuse, and criminal offences are not tolerated by LWF-WS. Employees of LWF-WS who abuse or exploit minors face criminal, civil, and disciplinary penalties, which may include termination. In order to offer LWF-WS or LWF-funded activities, such as training, LWF-WS aims to lower the risks of child abuse and exploitation.

Position Holder Duties & Responsibilities:

Accept every call that comes in and route it to the right person;

  • Greetings and introductions to all guests, who should be directed to the person handling their business after being notified in advance of their arrival;
  • Attend to all incoming and outgoing communications;
  • Keep track of all incoming mail and publications in a registration book, sign, file, and deliver them to the appropriate person or offices;
  • Ensure that every outgoing communication is promptly sent by keeping a registration book;
  • Complete all project paperwork in a secure and orderly manner;
  • Type reports, letters, faxes, and emails, as well as transmit and receive materials;
  • Produce photocopies as needed, and maintain a record of each one along with the recipient’s initials;
  • Maintain the project office and compound’s overall cleanliness and order;
  • Keep a petty cash book in accordance with LWF guidelines.
  • Get ready for orders, payments, approval checks, and associated paperwork.
  • After verifying that all requests have been granted by the appropriate parties and are backed by legitimate documentation—such as purchase orders, purchase requisitions, requests for quotes, and goods receiving notes, among others—make payments.
  • After payment has been made, turn over the paperwork to the accountant for processing.
  • Every day, reconcile the cash balance.
  • Make sure you pay any personal, working, and travel advances by the end of the month.
  • Make sure that rent for your home, office, and/or income tax are paid to the appropriate authorities on time.
  • Visit a bank to complete necessary financial transactions, such as money transfers.
  • Ensure that gasoline cash coupons, cheques, LWF numbered vouchers, cash, and other important LWF assets are stored appropriately and securely.
  • Observe the process as described in the operation manuals, collective agreement, and staff rules of LWF World Service Ethiopia.
  • carry out any additional tasks that the project coordinator may give her in accordance with her responsibilities.

Workplace Prerequisites

a degree or diploma in office management, secretarial science, accounting, or any similar branch of study from an accredited institution.

Four years of relevant work experience for the Diploma, and a minimum of two years for the Degree

How to Apply

Only a complete resume and application letter via ethiojobs should be sent by interested applicants who match the following requirements.
Provide three references from both past and present jobs.

Employers with equal opportunities include LWF Ethiopia. Without regard to a candidate’s gender, race, religion, ethnicity, age, marital status, or handicap, LWF Ethiopia evaluates all applications on the basis of merit.

Women are invited to apply; only those who make the shortlist will be contacted.

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