Ethiopian News Agency Job Vacancy 2023

Ethiopian News Agency Job Vacancy 2023

  • It is going to be re-established so that it can properly fulfill its national mission as a competent and competitive one.
  • The House of People’s Representatives, in its regular meeting held today, advised on the proposed bill to re-establish the ENA .
  • As stated in the statement of the draft decree, ENA is wanted to be re-established so that it can expand its work and increase its capacity as a national news institution in its efforts to fulfill its mission.
  • Unlike other media organizations, ENA is among the mandates of ENA mentioned in the draft decree to produce news and news-related reports on a wide scale and deliver them to local and foreign media that help to create a national consensus on major national issues.
  • The statement says that the re-establishment of ENA will not only play its part in the struggle to create a consensus on major national agendas, but will also help it to carry out its mission of building the good image of the country.
  • According to the new decree, ENA will increase its capacity and support it financially. Bloom can engage in income-generating activities so that he can be competitive.
  • It is stated that this will help to find and retain professionals with better professional capabilities from the market and create a comfortable working environment.
  • After advising on the bill to re-establish the ENA , the House referred it to the Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Democracy for further consideration.
  • The Ethiopian News Service (ENA has been working as the main source of news in the country for the past 75 years.
  • In addition to Addis Ababa, the agency assigns agents to 38 branch offices in different parts of the country and reports news and news-related information and distributes it through various media.

Employees of Ethiopian News Service (ENA ) gave blood today.

It is well known that the Ministry of Health has requested that citizens “donate blood” in order to preserve their lives. Various government officials, including Prime Minister Dr. Abiy, and members of the community responded to this plea by donating blood. Ethiopian News Service leaders and employees donated blood today.

Among those who donated blood, ENA CEO Mr Seyfe Derbe stated that donating blood is a special gesture that more than anything else fulfils the conscience. As a result, he stated that “the blood we receive tomorrow should be donated to citizens who need blood today.”

As a result, he delivered the word that we should be cautious of Corona and rescue the lives of citizens who may perish due to a lack of blood. Ato Gezhehen, the chief of Vabroad media monitoring and analysis section, backed him up. In addition to delivering knowledge to the community, he believes that media workers should be good role models. He stated that the institution’s employees demonstrated their virtue by donating blood. Ms. Tadel Bogale, ENA Director of Women and Multi-Sectors, stated that while there has been a better initiative in donating blood, there is still much work to be done.

He stated that there is a lack of awareness regarding blood donation in the community, and that knowing that we are saving people’s lives when we donate blood gives us a sense of satisfaction. ENA employees have stated that they have performed an excellent act of charity by giving their blood.

Mr. Mulat Bekele, the coordinator of the National Blood Bank service, expressed his appreciation for the ENA staff’s hard effort. “Donating blood means both saving people’s lives and protecting one’s own health.” Employees of Ethiopian News Service have been donating blood since 2011, and they did so for the third time this year.

The Ethiopian News Service (ENA )

The Ethiopian News Service (ENA ) presented Abirhot Library with 5,000 books collected from its personnel and other organisations. Many institutions and people are responding to Abrhot Library’s invitation to collect books for a month under the banner of “Million Books for the Millennium Generation.”

Following this, the Ethiopian News Service (ENA ) today gave over to Abirhot Libraries approximately 5,000 volumes that it had collected from the institution’s workers and other bodies. Seife Derbe, CEO of Ethiopian News Service, handed over the books to Jonas Zewde, Head of Government Communication Bureau of the Addis Ababa City Administration.

The initial wave of books acquired by ENA for the library concentrated on political, social, and economic themes. Aside from that, it was mentioned that there are many books on art, medicine, journalism, and communication.

The institution’s CEO, Seife Derbe, affirmed that the second round of the book collection programme will take place. Fill up the gaps with a poet and a playwright. Debebe Eshetu, an artist, and Tesfaye Rste, an author, were in attendance.


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